While our resort area of Pernera and Protaras are mostly closed for the winter, the town of Paralimni, Cyprus is a thriving year round town. The good grocery store is on the edge of Paralimni, and the local bus takes us there in about 10 – 15 minutes.

There are three churches all right next to each other in the town center in Paralimni. The newest church is the new Agios Georgios (Saint George) church, which was built in the 1960’s. This church is also known as the Cathedral of St. George. Then there is the old Church of St. George, which was mainly built in the mid 1800’s and incorporated some of an older Byzantine church. The oldest church of the three is the Byzantine Church of the Virgin Mary (also called Church of St. Anne) which is now a museum. The Church of St. Anne is from the 13th century.

These churches are part of the Church of Cyprus, which is Greek Orthodox.

First, the Church of St. Anne (13th century). It wasn’t open, so we couldn’t see inside.

01 Church

Next, the old Church of St. George (19th century). They were getting ready to film something inside, so we didn’t take any pictures. The interior wasn’t nearly as elaborate as the new church.

02 Church

The grandest of the three is the Cathedral of St. George (built in the 1960’s) which is impressive on the outside, and absolutely stunning on the inside.

03 Church

04 Church

05 Church

06 Church

07 Church

08 Church

09 Church

It was so interesting to see these three churches side by side, and to see how much more elaborate they have gotten over the centuries.