I’m really enjoying being near the Mediterranean during our stay in Cyprus.

Here’s the beach just south of us in Protaras. A nice, long sandy stretch of beach. When we first arrived in early January it was very cold and stormy. (Note: You can click on any picture to see a larger version.)

01 Sea

It took about a week for the weather to warm up and to see the sun. This little bird was happy to be able to Β fish in the sea. I think it is a kingfisher. It hovered for a few seconds above the sea, and then dove in beak first to get a fish!

02 Sea In the past week we’ve had some very sunny days with high temperatures around 19 or 20 C (about 66 – 68 F). The sun brought out this large lizard. Is it a gecko?

03 Sea The Med is so interesting. There aren’t huge tidal changes in the sea level, but wind and weather make a big difference in the waves. This is just south of us between Pernera and Protaras. This is our favorite spot along the water. This first picture shows quite a lot of waves, and higher water.

04 Sea This is the same spot a few days later with calm seas.

06 Sea Another day, with some waves.

08 Sea

This is the cove closest to our apartment. A day with lots of waves…

09 Sea And on this day it looks as calm as a lake!

11 Sea The other day we went to Cape Greco. It is a national park, and has beautiful rocky beaches. This church sits up on a hill above the sea.

14 Sea A natural bridge that doesn’t look like it will be around for long!

17 Sea I love the color in the water at Cape Greco.

18 Sea The shore is very rocky, and there are caves along the water.

19 Sea Love those colors!

20 Sea The beach in Protaras the other evening, looking northeast.

21 Sea

The next few pictures show some waves on the local beaches in the area.

23 Sea

24 Sea

25 Sea

26 Sea

27 Sea

28 Sea

We discovered a great little harbor just to the north of us. See the church way behind the boats?

29 Sea Here it is up close, another church right by the sea.

30 SeaSo far, I haven’t gotten tired of exploring along the sea.

31 SeaHere’s our favorite beach cat, just hanging out in the sun. This was the one day that I put on shorts. Otherwise, it has been sunny, but a bit cool for shorts for me.

32 SeaMore sea pictures showing the variations in the colors.

33 Sea

34 Sea Nissi beach near Ayia Napa.

35 Sea My favorite beach picture. Palm trees, sunshine, blue sky and the sea. Ahhhhhhhhhhh (she says, with a long exhale).

36 Sea