The Old Fortress in Corfu town (Corfu is the name of the island as well as the main town) sits on a peninsula that has two peaks. The fortress site was developed in the early 15th century when the Venetians had control of Corfu. This peninsula contained the original town of Corfu, and dates back to the 6th century.

We recently spent a sunny afternoon exploring the Old Fortress. Here are a few pictures.

Looking north towards the peninsula and the Old Fortress.

000 Fortress

The Venetians put in a moat to separate the peninsula from the mainland.

00 Fortress

Crossing the moat to get to the Old Fortress.

01 Fortress

I love the stone around these windows.

02 Fortress

From inside the fortress, looking up to the first peak.

04 Fortress

Not sure what the tripod structure is, maybe for moving the cannon around?

05 Fortress

Loved these rusty iron bars on this window.

06 Fortress

Clock tower

07 Fortress

View of the sea and fortress grounds as we head up the first peak.

08 Fortress

As usual, we are fascinated by the old doors and windows.

09 Fortress

There’s a small yacht harbor on the north side of the fortress.

10 Fortress

The fortress grounds, looking across to the second peak, which is behind a fence with no access.

11 Fortress

Walking through a tunnel to head up to the peak.

12 Fortress

Part of the way up…

14 Fortress

Most of the buildings that remain in the Old Fortress were built by the British during their rule of the island in the 19th century.

15 Fortress

16 Fortress

The view of Corfu town from the peak.

17 Fortress

Physical therapy Corfu style! 🙂

18 Fortress

While this looks like a Greek temple, it is a former Anglican church built by the British.

19 Fortress

20 Fortress

The old(er) and the new. A brick building built up against the older fortress wall.

22 Fortress

Another view of the peak we walked up.

23 Fortress

This is the tiniest obelisk we have ever seen!

24 Fortress

A beautiful pine tree near the moat.

25 Fortress

Another view of the moat as we leave the fortress.

28 Fortress

Corfu also has a New Fortress, which we have yet to visit. The New Fortress was built by the Venetians in the 16th century. We are headed back to the US soon, and as I walked around the Old Fortress I realized how much I’m going to miss this sense of history and exploring ancient sites!