About a week ago we made it to our ten month travel anniversary. I have to admit that when we were back in Spain, I was sort of ready to come back to the U.S. But we had onward tickets to Cyprus, and I really didn’t want to head back to the States in winter. So, on we traveled. I’m really glad we did.

Kalamies Beach

Kalamies Beach, just north of Pernera, Cyprus, with Agios Nikolaos church in the background

Here are my thoughts on ten months of travel.

  • I hate to admit this, but some days travel is boring! Some days, all of this is quite difficult. Then there are those days where the stars align, the weather clears, I’m in a place that feels just right, I have lots of energy, I’m in a good mood, and I experience a place, a feeling, a view that I will never forget. There have been many perfect travel days that I’ll remember the rest of my life, and I am reminded that this is why I’m doing this. For those days!
  • I am learning to make peace with the fact that I can’t see it all. No one can see it all. I’m not sure why I think that I should, or could. When we arrive in a city, I start a list of things to do, things to see, places to go. In each city there have always been things that we didn’t get to, didn’t have time for, ruled out because there were other things that were a higher priority. As we leave a city, I mentally let the rest of the list go, wondering if I’ll come back to see and do some of those other things that we didn’t have time and energy for. Letting go isn’t always easy, but remembering that no one can see and do everything helps.
  • I am feeling well and I think that slow travel is the key to long term travel when you have a health issue. As we’ve planned our trip, booking the next city, next flight, next accommodations I gently held firm to my slow travel guidelines. One month at a time. Yes, there have been shorter stays at times when we’ve made exceptions, but one month at a time is a good rule, and usually when we’ve been in a place for a month we’re feeling like we’ve seen enough (not everything!) and are excited about moving to the next country and city.
  • Speaking of slow travel, we are happy here in our rented apartment on the east coast of Cyprus, and have continued to say in one place for the longest time so far. We arrived here in early January, and won’t check out until late February. I think it will be about 6 weeks total in one apartment. It is exactly what we needed.
  • We have decided that it is time to head back to the U.S. In early March we head to Greece for almost a month, then Paris for 5 days (yes, I’m making an exception for Paris), and then we fly back to Seattle in early April. The length of our trip will be 1 year plus 1 day!
  • I’m realizing that I have become better about listening to what my body needs to stay healthy. Whether it is more rest, a walk by the sea, healthy food, time getting in touch with friends, or a nap, I’m much better about listening to what my body needs and taking action on that.
  • I have been terribly spoiled to be staying by the sea for so long! One month in Portugal on the Atlantic Ocean, one month in Spain on the Mediterranean, two months in Cyprus also on the Mediterranean. I love being near the water.
  • There are so many stories to tell, so many ideas, thoughts, memories. I feel like I’ll be processing this trip and writing about it for a long time.
  • Finally, I’m looking forward to being back in the U.S. and being in a house again. I’ve missed cooking elaborate meals, having friends over, working in the garden, and having a comfy sofa to sit on!

So, there it is. My ten month update. Stay tuned for more updates about Cyprus, its history, its politics and a few of the things we’ve seen and done here.