Traveling off season is a strategy for me. It makes travel more enjoyable, and in the off season the temperatures are usually more comfortable. There are fewer crowds off season, and traveling is easier. Finding accommodations is also easier. In the past, we have enjoyed Disneyland in January, the Oregon coast in late September, and Europe in April.

00 Pernera

Sunrise in Pernera, Cyprus

During this trip, we have done a bit of off season travel, and arriving in Cyprus in late December has created a new “thing.” Extreme off season travel. Cyprus is, for the most part, a summer destination.

01 Pernera

The quiet streets of our neighborhood

We are currently staying in Pernera, out on the east coast of Cyprus. Pernera, and the area to the south called Protaras, are resort towns. What does this mean in the winter? It means they are shut. Closed. Quiet, in an extreme kind of way. I love it!

02 Pernera

… but next door is closed also …

There are grocery stores open that we can walk to, or take a bus. Yes, the buses are still running. Well, most of them, anyway.Β The cats are still here.

03 Pernera

Local cats all huddled together to stay warm

So many businesses are closed. Cyprus is also in the midst of an economic downturn, so it is sometimes difficult to tell if the business is closed for the season, or closed for good.

04 Pernera

They were also closed, in spite of what the sign says!

There is a bar and restaurant in our neighborhood that is open every day, although they aren’t currently serving food. That’s OK for us, as we have an apartment with a kitchen.

05 Pernera

The Western Star is indeed open every day from 2pm until “late.”

06 Pernera

Had the snooker table and the whole place all to ourselves!

So, why would we come to a place that is currently so shut down? We had read that Cyprus was the warmest place to spend a European winter. Cyprus in not in Schengen zone, so it resets our visa so we can spend more time in Schengen countris. Also, I’ll admit it. I’m here for the sea. This is the view from my balcony.

07 Pernera

Pretty colors at sunset

There are other areas of Cyprus that are busier and more normally functioning cities: Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol, Pahpos. But we had read that the most beautiful beaches of Cyprus are here on the east coast, and so far we have not been disappointed. For most people, they’ll come to Cyprus in the summer, spend time in the sun and swimming in the sea. Summers are too hot here for me, so I’m enjoying taking walks along the sea during the cool winter months.

08 Pernera

The sea front at Pernera

Extreme off season travel. The ultimate in slow travel. I’m having fun with it. πŸ™‚