Just before we headed to Paris in late March, my nephew and his wife visited a cat cafe in California, and I saw their pictures on Facebook. When we got to Paris I was missing Bouzouki, the house cat who shared his house with us in Corfu, Greece. A quick Google search brought us to Le Café des Chats, a cat cafe in Paris so I could visit some cats. (Chat = cat in French.)


It was a rainy, drizzly day in Paris, and a lot of the cats were sleeping in the window.


The tables on the ground floor were already full, so we headed to the basement of the cat cafe. Look at this great fainting couch!


Most of the cats were sleeping, but this girl was hanging out in the basement and was awake! We were warned, though, that she runs a bit hot and cold, so depending on the day, she might be super friendly, or a bit standoffish. Based on this picture, we thought this gal was having a bad day. Isn’t the coloring of her face fascinating?


However, once I sat down, she jumped up in my lap! Good kitty!


So the rules of the cat cafe are:

  • Don’t wake up a sleeping cat
  • Don’t pick up the cats, let them come to you
  • Don’t use flash photography

This cutie in the blurry picture below had found a warm place to sleep just behind the space heater!


Wait, what’s up there? What’s going on?


See the little hole in wall up above the book shelf? There was a cat up there! Darren got this fun picture, above, of me and the cat watching another cat come down from the little hiding place. We didn’t even realize there was a cat in there!


A sign in the cat cafe. Savon le Chat = cat soap in French!


We enjoyed our visit to Le Café des Chats, and the next time I’m in a city that has a cat cafe, I’ll be sure to visit!