In just over nine months of travel, we have seen some interesting things. Sometimes signs or products catch us off guard or tickle our funny bone or completely confuse us. Here are a few things that we’ve found amusing and interesting along the way. (You can click on any picture to see a larger version.)

In Reykjavik, a snack mix called “Cindy Mix.”

01 sign

A sign on an office in Amsterdam. They are not a church!

02 sign

In Serbia, the churches have more rules than we’re used to.

03 sign

In Italy, you can get a 3 pack of beer.

04 sign

Also in Italy, the town of Gavirate holds a parking spot for pregnant women or new moms. I’m guessing there was an obstetrician or pediatrician’s office nearby.

05 sign

Also in Italy, a Hello Kitty stovetop espresso maker.

06 sign

In Prague, a restaurant called L.A. Finger Food.

07 sign

And L.A. Finger Food has a dish called the “Pamela.”

08 sign

Poor Nemo

09 sign

Thank you, Dubliners, for “binning the poo.” Your streets were the cleanest, most dog-poo-free streets in all of the big cities we visited.

10 sign

I’m not sure what type of anti-social behavior got this toilet in trouble. Sad day for me, ‘cuz I had to pee!

11 sign

Oh, Ryan Air, this is the worst thing ever. Why did you have to put the safety information on the seat back so I had to look at it the entire flight? I didn’t really need to see this for several hours. I’m not usually a nervous flyer, but this just made me uncomfortable. 🙁

12 sign

Outside of a pub in Edinburgh.

13 sign

It’s good when traffic is calmed.

14 sign

There were lots of dugs in pubs in Edinburgh!

16 sign

Sign on the top window of a double decker bus in Edinburgh.

17 sign


18 sign

At a cafeteria in Wales…

19 sign

Brighton Pier – Danger of Death, and only authorized personnel, please.

20 sign

At a restroom along the seafront in Hove, England

21 sign

Fireworks for sale inside a supermarket in Richmond, England. In anticipation of Guy Fawkes Day, on the 5th of November, when there are fireworks and bonfires.

22 sign

Tiled WC sign in Portugal.

23 sign

A sign left on our rental car windshield in Spain. No, I don’t want to buy your apartment on Danger Street.

24 sign

Some odd chip flavors in Spain: Roast Chicken, Jamon (ham) and Prawn Cocktail.

25 sign

26 sign

At the WC at the honey museum in Colmenar, Spain. Queens to the left, drones to the right.

27 sign

Not sure what honey has to do with toilet tissue.

28 sign

At a restaurant in Protarus, Cyprus. My guess is they meant “ramp” as there were only stairs on this side of the restaurant, but a “ramp” around the corner.

29 sign

Cornflakes and chocolate. Not a combo I’m used to seeing.

31 sign

Lots of things prohibited at the sea front in Protaras, Cyprus. Can’t quite figure out what the one in the lower right means. No pizza delivery. No floral deliveries of long stemmed roses? 🙂


Finally, my favorite road sign that we’ve seen in multiple countries. The all important exclamation point, which can mean many things: road construction, bumps in road, pot holes, etc.

Last 00

Close up of my favorite sign. I tend to overuse these when posting on Facebook, so I LIKE this sign. 🙂

Last 01

Hope you enjoyed your sign and kind-of-odd product tour of Europe!