On Friday night, April 3rd, one year and one day after we left, we returned to SeaTac airport and took a ferry across to the Kitsap peninsula. We’re back in the US.

The sun was setting as we headed west on the ferry, and I was reminded that on a sunny day, Puget Sound is a beautiful place.


Sunset on Puget Sound, taken from a Washington State Ferry

I’m grateful for many things. Here’s my grateful list for today:

  • I’m grateful that I wasΒ able to travel in Europe for a year
  • I’m grateful for the friends we were able to visit in Europe
  • I’m grateful for the new friends we made while we were on the trip
  • I’m grateful for the friends we came back to here in WA state, always ready to help when we need it
  • I’m grateful that I have a deeper understanding of what it is to live in America and how lucky I am to have freedom and opportunity
  • I’m grateful for the experience of seeing and living in other cultures for a time, and for understanding that there isn’t just one way to view things
  • I’m grateful for my husband who shares my wanderlust and understood my need to go, and to stay out there traveling for a good long while
  • I’m grateful for the realization that no matter what our government or the news media portray, most of the world is quite safe with kind people who will help you when you need it
  • I’m grateful for a deeper understanding of various cultures of the world, and how hard they have fought to exist
  • I’m grateful for the historic sites that have been preserved and maintained so I could experience them
  • I’m grateful for websites like Airbnb and Homeaway, whose sites make finding apartments and houses to rent so much easier
  • I’m grateful for these past few mostly sunny days in the Pacific Northwest

As we headed west on the ferry towards Kitsap County on Friday night, we looked back behind us and the full moon was rising in the east, with a ferry headed the other direction. Gorgeous. The sun has set on this particular trip, but the rising moon signified more to come. More what, I can’t say. But more. More adventure. More travel. More fun.


Moon rising over West Seattle with a ferry in the foreground

There’s also so much more to say about this trip. More pictures, more posts. I’m sure I’ll be processing this trip for a long time to come.

Finally, I’m grateful to you, for reading my blogs, following my journey, and encouraging my wanderlust. Thanks! πŸ™‚