Odds and ends, this and that, bits and bobs… whatever you call it, here’s a random assortment of photos from Cyprus. Most of my posts from Cyprus have been about the sea, or churches, or cats. I thought I’d show you a few other things. No cats, no sea, no churches.

Darren found this Romantic Supermarket near Oroklini.

00 Cyprus

Also near Oroklini… the bowling ball and two pins near the parking lot entrance were huge!

01 Cyprus

I love seeing roses blooming in the winter. This was early January.

02 Cyprus

And then there was snow! It was the briefest snow shower at the sea in Pernera. You can see the snow falling in the lower part of the picture.

03 Cyprus

This tree was HUGE! This sycamore tree at the monastery in Ayia Napa is estimated to be about 600ย years old.

04 Cyprus

We noticed a trend in the touristy parts of Cyprus. Some of the businesses use American cartoons or other names or logos in their business names and signs. Here are the Flinstones.

05 Cyprus

Sunset in Pernera. The whole sky was full of color. This was taken from our balcony looking east.

06 Cyprus

A Cypriot mail box.

07 Cyprus

Hey! I said no cats. Get that cat out of here!

08 Cyprus

The Red Indian diner has borrowed the Indian logo from the Cleveland Indians for their sign.

09 Cyprus

Darren finds a new friend!

10 Cyprus

A chocolate bar with cornflakes, seen (but not purchased) at the local Lidl grocery store.

11 Cyprus

Sunrise from the balcony in Pernera.

12 Cyprus

Scooby Doo and Speedy Gonzalez. Not used to seeing them together!

13 Cyprus

Hey! No matter how close to the camera you get, I said no cats!

14 Cyprus

The Bed Rock Cafe in person, in Ayia Napa. They were closed since it is winter.

15 Cyprus

I am not sure why an astronaut is the clapper inside this bell!

16 Cyprus

This area of Eastern Cyprus has a lot of windmills. Kind of a blurry picture, but I like the windmill at sunset.

17 Cyprus

The rental care thinks that 19 degrees C is good. I agree. (That’s about 66 degrees F.)

18 Cyprus

I still don’t understand this sign at Lazy Frogs that says “Sorry we are open!!”

19 Cyprus

Both Darren and the cats are incorrigible! I said no sea pictures!

20 Cyprus

The Simpsons selling mini-donuts.

21 Cyprus

Porky Pig.

22 Cyprus

Here’s Scooby again.

23 Cyprus

OK, well, the sea and the cats made it in, so here’s a church picture. ย This was in Paralimni.

24 Cyprus

I love this mosaic with the rocks.

25 Cyprus

One last image where someone is “borrowing” a logo, although this isn’t a burger place like In-N-Out in California, but a convenience store.


Hope you enjoyed the random pictures!