Usually I write about a place once we’ve arrived. However, Corfu is unique for us.


Image courtesy of the Visit Greece website

Back in the summer of 2013 we were having lots of yard sales and paring down our belongings in preparation for selling the house and traveling. (You can read about that here in the Summer Of Getting Lighter). As people would come to the yard sale they would often ask us why we were selling our stuff. Once we told them we were going to go travel, they would often tell us about their travels, as well as asking us where we were going.

Darren has a question for those who have traveled a lot. It is: “What is your favorite place you’ve ever been to,” but it goes a bit farther than that. “If all of the planes, trains and buses suddenly stopped running, where is the one place in the world you would want to be to spend the rest of your life?” He gets some interesting responses to that question.

One day, at one yard sale, someone mentioned Corfu, Greece as “that” place. That is the first I remember hearing about Corfu. So that summer and fall as we continued to pare down, Corfu kept coming up, and not just in that gentle way that a new word or new topic is more noticeable after you’ve first heard about it, but in a “Corfu is such an amazing place you have to go there, and you may never leave!” Another person at a yard sale mentioned Corfu. A beekeeper friend has a brother and sister-in-law who live there. A travel blogger who has seen quite a bit of the world chose Corfu as the one place where she would settle down if she stopped traveling. A new friend I met through a class I took right before we left had dreamed of going to Corfu.

This all led us to adding Corfu to our list of places that we absolutely must go. It just seemed like the universe was telling us that we had to go to Corfu.

On Monday, we fly from Larnaca, Cyrpus to Athens, Greece, and then change planes in Athens for our flight to Corfu. Corfu is both the name of the island, and the name of the town. Greece has many islands, and this one is part of the Ionian Islands and is just off the coast of northwestern Greece and Albania.

We already have the most amazing welcome set up for Corfu, so it is in line to be the friendliest place we’ve visited so far! People meeting us at the airport, and an amazing house to rent. Oh, guess what? The house has a cat! 🙂

We have stayed 7 weeks in the same apartment in Pernera, Cyprus (our longest time so far in one place), and we are experiencing the sadness of leaving of place that we have come to love. We are beginning to do our last rounds of visits to our favorite beaches and favorite cats. Mixed with that sadness is the excitement of Corfu, of new friends, a new place to explore, and the realization of a goal that has been with us for several years now.